The Learning Connection Child Development Center is considered an essential business and we will continue to operate under normal business hours. We are still practicing social distancing and continue to clean and sanitize often and thoroughly. We welcome your children to join us daily!


Past our covered porch and our spacious lobby with its comfortable family-room feel, you will find our classrooms—each designed specifically for the child development milestones the age-group inside approaches and each full of devotion to every single child.

Infant Program

The first step in building a lifelong love of learning

Early Child Development - Infant ClassroomChildren in our infant room are in a “home away from home.” Lots of cuddle time is at the core as we read books, sing songs, and engage your child in playtime to build language, cognitive, and gross motor skills. Our teachers nurture your infant in a warm, safe, and loving environment from their earliest smiles and giggles to their emerging babbles and wobbly initial stands.

TLC Infant Program at a glance:

  • Crib sheets supplied
  • Diapers & wipes supplied
  • Radiant heated floors in classroom
  • Consistent staff with very low turn-over rate
  • Table foods introduced
  • Baby Signs® sign language taught in this class.

Beginning Walker Program

Continuing your infant’s growth

Early Walkers Classroom - The Learning ConnectionThe Beginning Walker room is an extension of our Infant room, providing older, more mobile infants a space where they can explore their environment. Our teachers introduce Circle Time in this class, with story time and singing songs that introduce topics of learning such as colors and animals. Age-appropriate toys stimulate curiosity and learning, while our teachers continue to provide a warm and loving environment where your child feels safe to explore.

Beginning Walker at a glance

  • Diapers & wipes supplied
  • Transition room from Infants to Toddlers
  • Radiant heated floors in classroom
  • Baby Signs® sign language taught in this class.
  • Circle Time is introduced

Toddler Program

Supporting your child’s natural curiosity and desire for independence

Toddler Program Classroom - The Learning Connection Child Development CenterOur teachers plan daily, themed activities for your toddler that encourage investigation and discovery of your child’s world in a fun learning environment. Circle Time in this class introduces songs and learning about the ABCs, days of the week, months, shapes, and counting. As your child continues with play that advances gross motor skills, fun and creative art projects and block and puzzle play develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity and imagination.

Toddlers at a Glance

2’s Program

Providing the foundation for your child’s educational success

Physical and Cognitive Development - The Learning ConnectionThrough purposeful learning and play activities that include counting, sounds, shapes, and colors, your child will continue with concepts of math, science, music, and language. An introduction to scissors and paper cutting begins in this class to boost your child’s fine motor skills, and dramatic play in this group setting enhances your child’s social and creative skills, while encouraging the use of language and how to appropriately interact with other children. An introduction to writing skills is also started in this class. Your child will learn about life skills and how to be independent.

2’s at a Glance

  • Creative Curriculum® continued
  • Scissors introduced
  • Imaginative play nurtured
  • Writing skills introduced
  • Introduction to larger, school-like class rooms

3’s Program

Nurturing your child’s growing understanding of the world

Social Development in Children - The Learning ConnectionOur teachers plan fun learning, exploring, and sharing activities that are accomplished through learning centers, Circle Time, and group and independent play. Learning about animals, the weather, and nature are highlights of this class. In addition, your child will start to trace letters, write his or her name, and learn three-step processes. Through block play, your child will learn number concepts, patterns and relationships, and measurement. This is the class where your child begins to fully explore the world around him, gaining independence, playing with and exploring varied materials, and linking observations to larger concepts.

3’s at a Glance

  • Creative Curriculum® continued
  • Larger school-like class rooms
  • Independence is stressed
  • Writing skills continued
  • 3-step directions practiced

Preschool Program

Building the groundwork for school environments

Mechanicsville, Virginia Preschool Program - The Learning ConnectionThrough fun outdoor play time, art projects, and guided and independent play, children in our Preschool Program build their self-confidence. Our teachers encourage your child observe the surrounding world, ask questions, and participate in class discussions. Songs and fun games reinforce letter sounds, science, music, and language concepts. The teachers will also help your child master writing his or her name in this class.

Pre-school at a Glance

  • Creative Curriculum® continued
  • Larger school-like classrooms
  • Learning to follow 4-step directions
  • Introduction to behavior chart
  • Introduction to sight words
  • Starting to prepare for school

Pre-K Program

Preparing your child for Kindergarten
Hanover County, Virginia Pre-K Program - The Learning ConnectionOur Pre-K program makes a great effort to ensure that your child is prepared socially, emotionally, and academically for Kindergarten. Our teachers support your child as he or she becomes accustomed to Kindergarten classroom routines, while building self-confidence in that setting. Cooperative play and collaborative problem solving are emphasized. Hands-on learning through science projects, endless counting, reading a clock, and simple math are key concepts in this class. Sight words are reviewed in our Pre-K class as well, so by the time your child goes to Kindergarten, he or she will begin to open new worlds with an emerging ability to read.

Pre-Kindergarten at a Glance

  • Creative Curriculum® continued
  • Larger school-like classrooms
  • Sight words re-introduced
  • Writing skills further developed
  • Reading skills advanced