The Learning Connection Child Development Center is considered an essential business and we will continue to operate under normal business hours. We are still practicing social distancing and continue to clean and sanitize often and thoroughly. We welcome your children to join us daily!

Our Child Development Philosophy

At The Learning Connection Child Development Center, our goal is to develop well-rounded educational and social experiences for children. We constantly aspire to provide a rich, nurturing, learning-friendly environment in which children of all ages feel safe and can develop to their full academic and social potential.

Early Childhood Education - Mechanicsville, VA

The four cornerstones of our philosophy are:

  1. Connecting children to teachers who inspire a lifelong love of learning
    • Strong relationships between children and teachers promote learning and development.
    • Our teachers are devoted to fostering a personal understanding of each child’s unique personality and style of learning.
    • Our tailored program will jump-start each child’s social, emotional, and academic development.
  2. Connecting children to each other to form a circle of friends
    • Our teachers encourage each classroom to be a community where children feel safe, help one another, and see themselves as part of a group.
    • Children develop relationships and learn cooperation.
    • As part of a community, children encourage each other’s growth and learning experiences.
  3. Connecting parents to a full-view of their child’s educational experience
    • Timely, rich communication is essential for building strong relationships between teachers and parents.
    • Our teachers are committed to providing parents with a full range of communications in order to build trusting partnerships.
    • When children observe authentic and courteous interactions between parents and teachers, they see that their two worlds of home and school are connected.
  4. Connecting children to the local community
    • Just as a sense of community within the classroom builds a child’s self-confidence and sense of belonging, a child`s connection to the local community reinforces their sense of emotional safety and connection.
    • Teachers at The Learning Connection Child Development Center seek to instill pride in the local community among the children and support age-appropriate local activities to strengthen this connection.

Parent Participation

Dress-up Fun at The Learning Connection Child Development CenterThe Learning Connection encourages parent participation. Some suggestions for how to get involved are:

  • Sharing your career or hobbies with your child`s class
  • Volunteering in your child`s class
  • Assisting on field trips

Parent/Teacher Communication

We realize that timely, clear communication to parents is essential for the children to get the most out of their TLC experience and for the parents to feel secure about their children’s experiences. Parents are encouraged to talk to the teachers or the Director about their children’s progress.

  • Parents of infants and toddlers will receive a daily report outlining activities, foods eaten, naps taken, diaper changes, and general comments.
  • Parents of children in the 2`s, 3`s, and pre-K classes will receive weekly reports of their children`s activities, successes, and progress.