The Learning Connection Child Development Center is considered an essential business and we will continue to operate under normal business hours. We are still practicing social distancing and continue to clean and sanitize often and thoroughly. We welcome your children to join us daily!

Our Custom-Designed Facility

Because we built The Learning Connection facility from the ground up, we approached designing our learning environment from a fresh perspective. We constantly challenged ourselves to make every decision on every detail based on what would be best for “our” kids. You can feel secure knowing that every aspect of our grounds was planned for the safety, comfort, and education of your children.

The Learning Connection Child Development Center - Hanover County, Virginia
No details, no matter how small, were overlooked as we designed our building—from the modern building design to the classroom layouts, from the covered porch and vestibule to get you out of the weather to the specially built floors of our classrooms to preserve (and enhance) warmth.

Highlights of the TLC facility include:

An Inviting Openness

Space for Collaboration - TLC Child Development CenterOur spacious lobby area with comfortable family room furnishings and toys allows parents and children to interact and freely circulate, pick up reminders and information, talk to the owners, director, or a teacher, or have a visit with another mother or father for a few minutes over a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. This unique transition area allows your child the time he or she needs to adjust to the surroundings.

Space for Collaboration

To encourage director-teacher-parent collaboration and interaction, we placed our teachers’ “huddle room” and the director’s office next to our main lobby. This space allows our staff and parents to have a private place for exchanges of ideas about curriculum, special events, and ways to maximize each child’s learning experience.

Large Classrooms

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom at The Learning Connection Child Development CenterClassrooms at The Learning Connection are larger than most, encouraging socialization and discovery, yet they also have quiet niches to allow alone-time if needed. They foster an environment of community where children can feel safe, help one another, and see themselves as part of a group. Included “quiet zones” allow children the space to create and discover through their imagination.

Radiant Floor Heat

Tile floors, even if covered with throw rugs or mats, are cold, and they stay cold up to 18 inches above the floor. Isn’t this where your infant spends most of his or her day learning to sit-up, crawl, and cruise? We have designed our building with radiant floor heat and cushioned vinyl floors in the Infant and Beginning Walker rooms so that your children are cozy and comfortable, even during the winter. In fact, the floors of all our classrooms have been specially designed to be isolated from the exterior concrete (instead of pouring one large slab) in order to help keep all of our classrooms—and kids!—warm.

Our Covered Porches

Even the covered porches in the backyard are designed to stimulate the senses. Children can take the opportunity to rest in the shade and observe nature in our discovery gardens, eat lunch outdoors, or just sit back and smell the rain.